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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ . >> hello, and welcome to al jazeera america. these are the stories we are following for you. there is a new proposal to halt the growing number of undocumented americans frying to reach america, and how a small town reinvented itself after it's main stay dried up.
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>> we begin now with breaking news, al jazeera has just learned that an israeli civilian has died from a rocket fire from gaza. that is now the first israeli casualty of this conflict. israel had accept add cease fire that was brokered by egypt. but hamas rejected the plan, so the rockets from gaza never stopped. secretary of state in vienna criticized the attacks. i can not condemn strongly enough the actions of hamas, in so brazenly firing rockets in multiple numbers in the face of a goodwill effort to offer a cease fire in which egypt and israel joined together. and the international community strongly supports the idea of a cease fire. the need, the compelling need to have a cease fire. >> at the same time, this great risks in what is happening there and in the potential of the even
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greater escalation of violence. we don't want with to see that, nobody us the. a civilian that died in the rocket strike. >> yes, dell, this is the first fatality on the israeli side. since the conflict began, he was at what is called the cross canning is the main crossing between gaza and israeli that civilians use, that journalists use, that aid workers use. and he was -- according to the israeli military to help give food. to soldiers that were coming through there, so he was struck almost directly by mortar. this is not a rocket that's high in the air, but a mortar that is very difficult to intercept by
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israelis further down. >> by way of balance, do we have an accurate count as to how many have died? >> 194 have been killed. what is also different is the kind that are killing them. these are massive bombs killed by bombs that shake the earth. the rockets that gaza fighters fire are very small, very crude. do not have very good honing devices. of course, that said, they have terrorized quite a few israeli towns today. almost 100 rockets fires from gaza. into israel. setting off fire alarms orb rather code red alarms all over the country, and forcing a lot of very scared israelis to flee. >> now that an israeli civilian has been killed does it now appear from
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where you are that any talk of a cease fire lasting more than it did this morning is now just that, talk? i think the u.s. officials, but the u.s. official whose are part of the negotiations say that they are still on going. that this is a waiting time for hamas' political leadership to respond. but frankly, there's a lot of pressure on both sides on their respective either governments or the military wings of hamas, in this case, to up the anti. to escalate. i think a lot of grass zahns are competely frustrated and they believe that the only way their voice can be heard is think these rockets. is through the brigades and the military ring
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fighting israel. and a lot of israelis especially on the border do not want to live under the theft of rockets. is they want them removed and that would prior a huge escalation, that's not an escalation the government wants. we will see whether the hamas side is willing. to go by escalation by refusing. basically turning down the crease fir. >> reporting hive by phone for us, an israeli civilian has been killed by a mortar strike. the death toll now on the israeli side is one, the death toll on the grass zahn side is 194. al jazeera stephanie decker files this report about an hour ago, and as you will see, the attacks most definitely have resumes. >> actually in the last 20 minutes or so there's been a lot of rocket activity coming out from the back. towards israel.
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they never took this cease fire seriously, because they said they were never consulted about it, and even though israel said it was abiding by it from 9:00 a.m., the way they see it is that there was no cease fire to that was -- there's -- i think that's rockets over our head, they are pretty loud. >> i think that's air strikes actually. we can't -- >> stephanie. >> they sound close. >> are you okay, do you want to take cover. >> we are okay. >> no, no, we are okay. this is quite common, i think it is a strike because a lot of rocket activity today. so it is an issue that israel has said they are going to crack down hard. but they have been making a point, and we have to say that it's been quite a lot of rockets we have seen coming out here.
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just after they they resumed the air strikes. we asked why the group refused to stop there. >> so the question must be for the israelis. what you get from bombing and killin killing the palestinians. from destroying the peace process, what you get from destroying the two state solution. this is supposed to be a big question for the israelis. now, if you said that was the palestinians it would be like this. the palestinians have no right to question themselves or defend themselves and they are questioned why they are doing that. >> forcing thousands to flee many now being housed at u.n. shelters.
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they get eight hours of power a day, around all of gaza the unemployment rate is 40 to 50%, and 80% live beneath the poverty level. and in the seven year siege, most of the adults have become accustom to this, it is not their lives they are concerned about, it is these guys here. you have about half of palestinians are this age. miners under the age of 18, and their generation is growing up in these conditions in poverty, they are not getting the education they want, and they are living in a place where they cannot control their borders, how they come and go. they cannot control the fishing waters. so what they want is a change in their lifestyle. and the people we have talked to here, very poor people.
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have said there should not be a cease fire, unless we get something out of this beyond 180, nearly 200 dead palestinians in this conflict. he says he is confident a deal can be reached. he says world leaders making progress on key points but there are a number of gaps in the negotiations. the group noun as the p five has until july 20th to strike a deal. and kerry also warned that the escalating violence? libya must stop. the airport almost destroyed after three days of fighting. rocketing strikes the airports control tower, and 90% of the planes there have been destroyed. at least one person was killed. siting security concerns. an african garage of al quaida speaking out against the newly formed estate. in a statement the group rejects it's leading saying it will continue to follow -- meanwhile,
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the far limit electing a new speaker, a moderate politician, it is the first step in the formation of that new government, which experts say is crucial to stopping the violence. after a moscow subway train derailed this morning. the accident happened during rush hour, and the cause is not yet known. more than 1,000 people had to be evacuated. there are some staggering numbers from human rights watch about the nigerian group boko haram and they say what are apparently crimes against humanity.
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they are trying to impose via law. cities in michigan and arizona saying they don't want the undocumented migrant children in their backyard. and in washington sit no vote on the president's proposal to deal with the crisis. but there is a newbie partisan bill on the table. live in washington right now, and randall, is congress even considering the president's request. >> well, yes, congress is considering it. president obama has asked for 3.7 billion collars to deal with the crisis, which would include housing and caring for unaccompanied miners as well as processing them, and also detaining them. >> waiting -- the appropriations committee to scrub the president's request. ire expect by the end of in week we should have some answers. also waiting to hear from our boarder working
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group, a number of members to border working group. guatemala, and honduras. over the weekend. seven and hopefully, by the end of the week we will have a better idea of how we might move ahe. some of them will criticizing president obama. but democrats say the president is following a bipartisan piece of legislation, which was intended to fix a long running problem. 2008 law is a product of what happened with a 2002 law, which was a product of the court decision in the late 90's. that requires our
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government to happenedle these cases of these children in a different way. the 2008 law is the one that distinguished children, and the treatment of those children, based oen whether they were from a country that was contiguous to a country, as opposed to a country that was not. >> . >> and, of course, the countries contiguous to the u.s. are mexico and canada. the children from other areas, the difference spelled out in the trafficking, victims, protection, reauthorization act of 2008, signed by president george w bush, it does not allow unaccompanied miners to be turned around at the border without first receiving a due process hearing. when we come back, cracking down on people that waste water. coming up, we h tell you how california is now dealing with the massive drought. and at one time, it was one of the most popular jobs among teens but now
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many parts of the country are facing a shortage of life guards.
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paying our bills wey should be investing in the future. we should have a plan for how we make sure our roads, bridges, airports,
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are power grip, our water systems. how all of those things will be funded and do it in a responsible way. >> and coffining vote ozen that bill in about four hours. feted chair janet yellen offering a mixed review of the economy. california getting tough on it's draft response. beam there who waste water could be fined up so 500-dollar as day, offenses include overwatering lawns, and using a hose without a nozzle to wash your car. some have asks citie city remove their overall consumption. remember when being a life guard was the summer job? pools and beaches are
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finding themselves short stop. live in suburban detroit, and what is behind the shortage? >> among many factors more and more young people, and teenagers are going for summer jobs that align closely to their long term career goals. despite the shortage in life guards, more and more parks lakes and pools hike the one here behind me, are trying to stay competitive. gauge schmidt has kept watch other these waters, while he says the pay is good, he feels that the personal rewards of saving a life are immeasuren. >> it is one of those jobs are you don't find yourself saying oh, i rail he don't want to go end up going think it. because of the shortage was water park was forced to delay it's opening. the number of young recruits has dropped nationwide.
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the life guard times reports a 70% decrease in applications in some cities. >> you know, we have been noticing that it seems harder and harder to find the applicants that we need to staff our facility, but this year especially. it was just a significant shortage that question weren't expecting. >> becoming a life guard can take 24 hours of training and cost trainees about three husband. some believe that time and expense along with with cuts to school swimming are leaving the service in hot water. high schoolers and college age, which is our employment market, tend to seem busier. a large emphasis on sports and internships on extracurriclegislatures to prepare them for college. >> once coveted today the popularity of jobs is drying up. recent college grad chase fitzpatrick could have chosen to spend his summers in the sunks
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instead he decided to get a jump start on a career. >> hi, luke, this is chase, give me a call -- >> as an intern based online mortgage lender quick and loans today at 22, he is a full time employee. >> often internship was something that was unique, it isn't any more. you have to have that experience in college to remain competitive. >> gabe schmidt feels it is his duty to keep the pool open, the managers of red oaks water park, say they are trying to stay competitive by offering training and above minimum pay. they know chaining tide, that may be barely enough. and this is a trend that has prompted serious safety concerns. not only here in michigan but also cities hike minneapolis, minnesota, austin texas, as well as philadelphia. >> is there inning that
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detroit is doing to get more life guards on duty. >> for example the life guard safety inspector that was featured in that piece. he initiate add three day training blitz, and recruited about 50 life guards so it appears to be working but there are countries about what they could face next year. >> joining us live from outside detroit. b.c. thank you very much. coming up on al jazeera, there is a huge celebration taking place in berlin today, guess why? they are the world cup they are the world cup champions. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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says rival destroying 90% of the planes that were parked there. in congress, a newbie partisan bill is on the table to address the growing number of migrant children coming into the u.s. yesterday the white house deported 21 children, returning them to honduras. well it seems these days that the fish aren't biting in one small canadian town, and that has forced the village to find another way to make money. taj yell lack reports from canada's eastern edge. at the edge of cran da, is home to just over 2,000 people. their landscape shapes their lives they personalities. there's nothing that i know that i didn't learn
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from these rocks somehow. >> born here 55 years ago. she left in her teens, and became one of the countries top businesswomen. while she was away fishing collapsed. now she invested her wealth to revive her home, attract tourists and create jobs. >> the only way to cure the plague of unemployment, so the build economies that are based on culture. care, and craft. >> culture and craft shape the island in, a stunning mix of contemporary design and local touches. the sea looms through every window. mo tiffs drawn from the self-reliance of island life, are a constant back drop. the island is known for it's quilts blankets sown from leftover fabric. the foundation helps local quilt makers transform craft into income generating jobs.
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doing what they have done for generations. >> i have been helping this message, over the period that i have been here, on residency. and it just seems like oh, this is the perfect hope for this message inside of the quilt. >> international artists are part of the mix too, drawn by the setting the culture, fully paid for residencies. they work in studios, scattering around the island, starkly positions taking full advantage of land and sea. >> they have cultural and human capitol, you can't put that in a bank but it has immense value. the challenge is to create jobs and businesses to support those. and invest in what is here. >> a much bigger patch, but neither one of those can keep us warm on a
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warm winter's light. therefore you have a country. >> his philosophy and ideas with dying rural areas. for now it is all about the island. >> is a testament to human will power, keeping them viable, in a fast changing world will take even more than that. new fan land. starting the pacific here, this is the satellite picture of typhoon, and right near the philippines the water temperatures is very warm, and there's very little wind sheer, and what that means is the storm can rapidly intensify. cheerily seeing that. as the eye becomes visible right before land
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fall. tropical storm to a typhoon, close to 125 miles per hour, in just about 36 hours. so rapid intensification. preparations are underway. mudslides with very heavy rain, and just taking the extra precautions because this is going over populated areas right over manila. and then it will impact mainland china by this weekend. so watching the storm, closely we are not over yet. moving over the philippines now. there is the shiite picture, and this track going over the philippines in's where it will be saturday, heading towards north vietnam. still in some temporary shelters. now high pressure dominating the western united states. hot and dry weather will continue, we will be
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talking about this cooler air that came down. below average temperatures there about ten to 20 degrees below the normal high, just as this moves through, we are getting more severe weather and flash flooding today. lifely a risk for severe storms will be there throughout the afternoon and evening. head of this front. along with that very heavy rain, the rain is also saturated so this will lead to flash flooding again, flash flood watches in effect, a repeat of tom, but the front is moving through, here is the back edge, drying out behind us, all that rain in the last two to three days. >> break out the bumper shoots. >> never heard of it. >> we leave you now with a fitting home coming for the world cup champions. tens of thousands of fans after they landed in berlin today. you may recall they beat argentina, 1-nil to
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capture their fourth world cup title. their first since 1990. in new york, 101 east is next, and a remind ever you can check us out 24 hour as day by going to our website, with the news continues nonstop. fighting erupts back in the communities -- of. >> the violence spreads to nearby towns. they came. and started looting houses. killing people.